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Individual gets four for RM5. Individual gets a strong and forceful peppery savory flavour when munching on these tentacles. Besides squid, there is shrimp and bendable shell crab too. The Blond Squid Head is perfectly encrusted in a golden crispy assault. We quickly ordered some Frost Lemon Tea while we waited for our snacks.

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As their speciality focus on Taiwan street food, most customers accomplish take-away rather than dine-in. Takio Ikayaki takes on the stánek structure and has kiosk all the rage Klang Valley, Penang and Perak currently. The menu is small but sufficient in terms of street food snacks. The Chili Tomato is average with a sweet and spicy note although the Original one without cheek was a tad dry. A whole piece of soft armour crab goes for RM These shrimps are not big all the rage size and are nicely grilled with a sweet and adhesive savory sauce.

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Individual can have these spicy before non-spicy. Located at the 3rd floor in Tiny Taipei, Takio Ikayaki was pretty much bustling with business as many accomplish quick stops for these enormous squids the Sunday morning so as to I was there. Taiwanese Colossal Squid Galore Taiwan Street Snacks in Malaysia Taiwan is celebrated for their street food snacks and I have seen a lot of times in tv food shows that one of popular Taiwan street snacks happens to be the giant whole squid so as to is deep fried and additionally served in many other a choice of flavours. We quickly ordered a few Ice Lemon Tea while we waited for our snacks. It makes good snacking if you are a fan of squid and is priced at RM8. We checked out their bill of fare and saw offerings of colossal squids prepared few ways, BBQ shrimp and soft shell crab. These look like fat tornado or submarine at sight. This one is very enjoyable designed for the price of RM6. The body of the squid is pretty thick and has a good firm bite while the tentacles have more of a chewy note.


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