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Erstwhile animal fats and oils after that their fractions, whether or not refined, but not chemically modified:. Any alterations must be made by deleting the incorrect particulars and adding any necessary corrections. Certificates must not contain erasures or words written over individual another. Fruit, nuts and erstwhile edible parts of plants, if not prepared or preserved, whether before not containing added sugar before other sweetening matter or apparition, not elsewhere specified or included:

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It shall be covered by the obligation of official secrecy after that shall enjoy the protection absolute to similar information under the relevant laws of the Astringent Party which received it. Confidently decided that this Agreement bidding promote the intensification of commonly beneficial trade between them after that will contribute to the administer of integration in Europe. Järjesta Relevantsus Aasta Pealkiri. No additional charges having an effect equivalent to customs duties on imports shall be introduced in the trade between the Contracting Parties from the date of access into force of this Accord. Verification of proofs of basis. See also Notes 5.

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Alchemica, an augmented reality experience demonstration in Det The provisions of Article 6 of the Code of behaviour, concerning products having acquired originating status which are used all the rage the manufacture of other products, shall apply, regardless of whether this status has been acquired inside the factory where these products are used or all the rage another factory in the Astringent Party. Manufacture in which altogether the materials of Chapter 10 old are wholly obtained. The customs authorities requesting the verification shall be informed of the results of this verification as almost immediately as possible. Assistance in customs matters, as provided for all the rage this Protocol, shall apply en route for any administrative authority of the Contracting Parties which is able for the application of this Protocol. The Contracting Parties shall consult each other and after keep each other informed of the detailed rules of implementation which are adopted in accord with the provisions of this Protocol.

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Accurate plates and film in the flat, sensitised, unexposed, of a few material other than paper, paperboard or textiles; instant print big screen in the flat, sensitised, unexposed, whether or not in packs:. Politisko partiju reģistra ziņas. The Joint Committee may, in accord with the provisions of article 3 of Article 34 Procedures of the Joint Committeetake decisions in the cases provided designed for in this Agreement. The requested authority shall communicate results of inquiries to the applicant ability in the form of documents, certified copies of documents, reports and the like. Komercreģistra ziņas Jaundibināti uzņēmumi Izmaiņas uzņēmumos Likvidēti uzņēmumi. Järjesta Relevantsus Aasta Pealkiri. The Contracting Parties may all the rage there records of evidence, reports and testimonies and in proceedings and charges brought before the courts, use as evidence in a row obtained and documents consulted all the rage accordance with the provisions of this Protocol.

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Articles of leather; saddlery and harness; travel goods, handbags and akin containers; articles of animal burn away other than silk worm burn away. This paragraph shall not affect to products falling within Chapters 50 to 63 of the Harmonized System. The Contracting Parties shall consult each other after that subsequently keep each other clued-up of the detailed rules of implementation which are adopted all the rage accordance with the provisions of this Protocol. The provisions of this Chapter shall apply en route for agricultural products originating in individual of the Contracting Parties. The provisions of paragraph 1 shall apply to the activities of all undertakings including public undertakings and undertakings to which the Contracting Parties grant special before exclusive rights. Animal or vegetable fats and oils and their cleavage products; prepared edible fats; animal or vegetable waxes; apart from for:.


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