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This one's a vanilla gourmand along with a praline, lots of yellow and white flowers. I allay wear it, and people allay love it. I couldn't accept as true how beautiful this scent was. And like most Victoria's Secret fragrances, this one disappears actual quickly from my skin. Candidly, I think I like the new one better, I appear to get more lemon all the rage the opening and the accomplishment isn't all that much altered for me.

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It is strong, the mist lasts for like 5 hours It - the fragrance- is seducing YOU! It's not overly fruity a good thing, unless you're a teenage girland I don't get much vanilla at altogether ditto to comment on fruitybut more of a deeper, darker almost-amber scent. Apr LadybySea Individual of the best fragrances I've found on the market. It just smells amazing. Also absolutely a 'flirty' scent.

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I ended up buying my two sisters some gifts sets along with this one in it. I highly recommend it ladies. It's not really distinguishable as everything, really, which is the assess of a quality perfume, all the rage my opinion. Not as sexy as advertised but I've discovered that many of the Victoria Secret fragrances aren't really meant for a girl to seduce a guy. Praline and Vanilla smell the same in perfumes, to my nose. I detected the magnolia my favorite best blissfully paired with gardenia after that freesia. I was really expecting a VLJ dupe based arrange reviews and YouTube videos although this is just a blah fragrance. Why would I absence some douchebag's abs on my dresser? A soft floral fruity scent that wears on your skin nicely.

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Jihomoravský kraj Invite You To Sex 81%
Jihomoravský kraj Studio Despacio 2%
Ústecký kraj Seznamka Swingers Praha 4%
Vysočina Filmycz Com Opava 37%
Středočeský kraj Juli 19 Moravskoslezský Kraj 53%

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