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As we take the time en route for savor and enjoy a beaker of wine, a plate of cheese, charcuterie, and oysters…. Agree to relations between the Parties hereto are governed by the legislation of the Czech Republic. The contract relation between the Bar. You may also opt absent of these news at a few time at https: People adhere us from all over the world because the Kampa Advertise creates happy moments where age slows down for a bit, and where we have a sufficient amount time to chat, to večírek and to have fun.

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Complaints about quality of accommodation after that services rendered by the Adaptation Facility shall be raised absolutely in the Accommodation Facility. Applicable wording of these General Affair Terms and Conditions is accessible in the registered seat of the Hotel. Payment is done in the Accommodation Facility. You may also opt out of these news at any age at https: See you almost immediately, the entire markets team! But the customer does not unsubscribe from additional information and gossip, we have a legitimate interest in believing that he wants to continue to receive akin offers. Because we take the time to savor and benefit from a glass of wine, a plate of cheese, charcuterie, after that oysters…. People join us as of all over the world as the Kampa Market creates blissful moments where time slows along for a bit, and anywhere we have enough time en route for chat, to party and en route for have fun.

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The price depends on the elect term, number of persons after that on other parameters specified as a result of the Client in the Examination Form. The ordered service is binding at the moment of phone or written confirmation of the order by the Buyer and the Provider mailing the Accommodation Voucher to the Buyer. Because we take the age to savor and enjoy a glass of wine, a plate of cheese, charcuterie, and oysters…. We will host new vendors of organic wines from Cévennes, terrines of the black boar from the Limousin region, at the same time as well as virgin oils as of Huilerie Beaujolaise.

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Area prices can only be shown when a concrete arrival after that departure dates are set. All the rage our 10th year, The Kampa Market continues to mature akin to good wine, and its character grows beyond the borders of the Czech Republic… just akin to French gastronomy! Price for the service is determined by the Accommodation Facility, the Hotel. Ordering The Client expresses his interest in the service by mailing the Inquiry Form. Řeznická 7, 01 Liberec, tel.: The discipline service is binding at the moment of phone or in black and white confirmation of the order as a result of the Client and the Bringer mailing the Accommodation Voucher en route for the Client. The contract relations arisen before the effective appointment of these General Business Terms and Conditions remain valid after that are governed by the affair terms and conditions valid after the contract relations were made.

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