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The smell of secretion? As I said before, I don't a propos girls kissing men who has bad smell from mouth before lick his leg and toes if he has bad smell? After I said no she continued: Originally Posted by Tiruliru   [View Original Post] Sorry to bother but I allow to ask something; you alleged it just now but you never mentioned before she got money oriented even you additional that much before some erstwhile members including me wrote a few bad reports and her cheat orientation was concluded.

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Afterwards I said no she continued: I usually don't eat ahead of the session if so after that just salat or fruits. Accordingly, I don't believe hygiene is the problem; I think she doesn't like to lick ass and tried to wiggle absent of your agreement. Nevertheless but I was her I would try to get rid of bad smelling client ASAP after that definitely wouldn't call him en route for come back and visit me again, specially not already all the rage few hours plus offering him anal! It can't be, secretion doesn't smell and has denial taste. Being with Eliska I felt the smell of tobacco in her hair she is a smoker but it didn't bother me that much after that I was not complaining.

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Body with Eliska I felt the smell of tobacco in her hair she is a smoker but it didn't bother me that much and I was not complaining. I don't actually like to land on such a low level and depict some elementary things when it comes to hygiene but but you already mentioned it I will say, I go constant further: It didn't bother me. Because you had great age with her in the past? Veronika is also a smoker but you can barely air it, she smells good.

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A long time ago I get to privat I take a shower plus brushing teeth again. I usually don't eat before the session but so then just salat before fruits. Just I think, can you repeat that? she answered you for the reason of providing bad advantage is bunch of rubbish, by least in my case. Afterwards all people are different accordingly its very possible that the one same girl provides advance service to one client rather then to the other individual because of many reasons. Not to mention I had en route for fight with her stiff legs trying to approach her pussy and lick it comfortably the same case was with Veronika but with Eliska was inferior and with her uncontrolled lap movements she would shake after that squeeze my had constantly. The day after tomorrow? It's a bit strange that you gave her best notes but only "highly recommended" even these zápisník were better than those of most other girls you rated as "strongly recommended" and you didn't write the reason designed for that, you wrote it only now.

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Afterwards I said no she continued: But I also do akin to reports with details about the same girl and from altered sources. I don't think accordingly. Because you had great age with her in the past?

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