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Digital Marketing - "Wide-Web". Warming all the rage the Russian steam room, frost font, ice grinding, honey-salt coming loose, silicone anti-cellulite mitten, dousing along with herbal solution. A scrub along with white sand from the atoll of Bora Bora and Mona butter, Maori wrap with beeswax, kelp and Shea butter, an express treatment for the accept during wrapping, the procedure includes: Contact us and manager bidding call you within 30 seconds Send Terms of use.

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The relaxing and toning massages bidding become a real delight designed for your body; it will advance blood circulation, nervous system act and will raise a skin-muscular tone. During the wrapping, the facial express procedure is performed, the procedure includes gentle exfoliation with candied petals of the Turkish rose, mask on the basis of rose with argan oil, massage with pink nectar oil, tender day cream along with rose and argan oil, the ritual ends with a ample body massage. Warming in the Russian steam room, ice basis, ice grinding, honey-salt peeling, silicone anti-cellulite mitten, dousing with herbal solution. Additional steaming 3 Abiding bath treatment 5 This knead can be a little aching due to its intensity. Auburn pilling 2

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A delicate scrub with Turkish rose, beeswax, Shea butter and poppy seeds, wrapping on beeswax along with Shea butter, kelp and rosea oils. You will feel the aroma of various herbs assort with the smoke of angry birch firewood beneath you. Extravagant bath procedure 12 Duck lap confit This treatment includes a regenerating peeling with rice after that grapefruit, regenerating serum based arrange lotus, sake, green tea after that beeswax with fruit acids, restoring the mask on the base of extracts from rice after that lotus, cosmetic massage with bottle green massage in Japanese oil along with sake and soyaexquisite finishing balm for the face with silk, soy and UF-filter, salt brush for the body with Japanese herbs, cereals and essential oils of lemongrass and orange, modeling body massage with oil based on rice, sake, sesame after that and.

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It consists of deep blurring along with fingers, elbows and forearms. This is a deep, but calm massage, during which all force groups are worked out. The procedure is carried out all together by two specialists, it combines extreme warming and cooling. Washing with natural herbs from Altai 2 Traditional Russian washing along with a broom and natural cover with soap. The room has a affluent King Size bed of solid teak, dining table and 2 techno-rattan chairs, spacious wardrobe, copy, chest of drawers, walk-in bathe and elite French cosmetics Equatoria. Our terrace with magnificent views of the city is locate on the 2nd floor after that is open during the summer season.


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